Our History

In 1890, Delosse Williams founded Deloose Williams' Plumbing in Schenectady NY.
In 1906, Charles Gilbert Burch joined the company as a plumbing apprentice. In 1927, Delosse Williams passed away and left the business to his widow who sold her shares to Charles G. Burch in 1928 forming Chas. G. Burch Supply Co.

The company grew as Charles G. Burch became politically active as Chairman of the Schenectady County draft board through the duration of WWII. In the fall of 1949, Charles G. Burch suffered a heart attack and was forced to retire. His only child, Jeannette B. Craft-Burch and her husband (John Craft) led the company through the next several decades.

Jeanette was the first female to become a licensed plumber in NY State, with the exception of NYC. They were both avid golfers, and people still remember her by that today. Jeanette and John's son, Charles E. Craft Sr. started to unofficially work for the company in 1949 sweeping floors and taking out the garbage.

He then went on to do his apprenticeship and became a master plumber in 1972. In 1982, both Jeannette and John retired and their son Charles E. Craft, Sr. (Charlie) took over the family business becoming president. The business has grown and changed over the years and the future for Chas. G. Burch Supply Co. will see Charles E Craft Sr. ease into retirement.

His grandson, Charles G. Craft, helped with the business from a young age until his enlistment in the US Navy. He returned in January 2009 to work under his grandfather, and complete his Business Degree from Siena College. His grandfather prepared him to take over the business someday. In December of 2018, Charles E Craft Sr passed away, and his grandson did just that. Charles G Craft took ownership of the business, along with his wife Jeven and children Gino and Vivian. They look to continue the family's heritage. Chas G Burch Supply Co is a fifth generation family owned business and the oldest business in the City of Schenectady, NY.